Banc de Binary broker scam atau legit

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Banc de Binary: broker scam atau legit?

Banc de Binary adalah salah satu broker opsi biner paling tepercaya dalam industri ini. Banc de Binary didirikan pada tahun 2009, dan sejak saat itu, broker ini telah memiliki reputasi sebagai broker yang jujur dan transparan. Broker ini sudah mengumpulkan berbagai pelanggan dari lebih dari 80 negara.

Reputasi yang baik tidak dibangun hanya dalam sehari. Tujuan kami adalah mencari tahu apa yang sudah mereka lakukan untuk mempertahankan reputasi yang baik selama bertahun-tahun. Dalam ulasan ini, saya akan mengungkapkan rahasia di balik kesuksesan mereka, apa yang mereka lakukan dengan sangat baik hingga ratus ribuan pelanggan menganggap mereka sebagai broker opsi biner nomor satu di dunia.

Banc de Binary bukanlah situs scam. Broker ini merupakan pemimpin industri dan memimpin penerapan regulasi lengkap oleh CySEC, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Anda bisa merasa nyaman saat melakukan deposit di Banc de Binary dan memahami bahwa perdagangan yang terjadi di sana merupakan perdagangan yang jujur. Akan tetapi, kami memperingatkan Anda untuk berhati-hati dalam menerima penawaran bonus. Menerima penawaran bonus membuat Anda agak sulit menarik uang. Anda harus memenuhi beberapa persyaratan dan ketentuan agar bisa menarik uang jika Anda menerima bonus. Jika Anda menolak bonus, Anda dapat melakukan deposit dan menariknya kapan pun.

Anda dapat berdagang opsi mata uang di Banc de Binary karena broker ini memiliki pasangan mayoritas mata uang di dunia sehingga jika inilah jenis perdagangan yang Anda cari, Anda sebaiknya mengunjungi Banc de Binary.

Banc de Binary: broker scam atau legit?

Update 2020:
Read our traders comments below. We receive complaints about Instaforex on a daily basis. What we also receive is fake positive comments from Instaforex employees trying to improve their reputation. We are reviewing each comment but reviewing our rating system is not possible. So please be certain that it is biased (to the positive). And dear Instaforex employees: we understand that traders complaints aren’t good for your reputation but trying to fake customer reviews makes it even worse. Your fakes are so obvious that it is fairly easy for us to filter them.

After we added this message they changed their strategy a bit and at least try to disguise they are employees writing positively about their company. The comments are still just embarassing and so obvious fakes that it hurts. They sound like “Instaforex is the best Forex company out there. I made huge profits with them. Support was always helpful and their bonus is so amazing. I can’t thank you enough Instaforex!”.

Please stop that immediately. With these fake comments you make it even less likely that a real positive comment from a real customer will get approved by us.

Another update:
We will deactivate the commenting section for Instaforex for a while. Reason is that their team is not stopping their spam and it’s annoying to filter their comments out. We have asked you to stop it and have not activated one single comment from you. This should be reason enough for you to give up on it but it seems you are not going to learn.

Peringkat broker opsi biner:

To all the real traders out there who want to share their experience. There’s an email address in the right sidebar. Feel free to get in touch and share your story.

More than 300.000 costumers trade with Instaforex and this makes Instaforex one of the larger brokers around. Overall Instaforex is very popular but nevertheless you have to ask if Instaforex is reliable or not. Just because it’s big doesn’t make it trustworthy.

There are scam complaints with every Forex broker and Instaforex is no exception. A lot of complaints come from trader that tried to abuse the Instaforex bonus program and got their account locked. This is a good reason and the broker has the right to do so. There’s no need to worry and you won’t have any issues if you don’t abuse their bonus program.

Some trader don’t like the fact that the Instaforex server seem to be a bit slowly if you try to scalpe. These are technical difficulties that occur rarely and not every trader experiences these problems. So no need to call Instaforex a scam.

There was a dispute between Instaforex and the Forexpeacearmy. You can read about here. Instaforex is not the only broker that rages against Forexpeacearmy and criticizes its behaviour. You have to judge it on your own what to think about this dispute. Recommends:

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The Alternative – Social Trading:

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