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BTC Baskets isn’t a bank but a gifting platform that is made up of diverse people with a common goal to empower one another. You provide assistance to your fellow member through your financial gift.


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Multiply your bitcoins playing a simple HI-LO game that is designed to be provably fair by using a combination of math and cryptography. Win big HI-LO jackpot prizes up to 1 Bitcoin every time you play.


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Win big prizes with our weekly lottery for which you get free tickets every time you or someone referred by you plays the free bitcoin game.


Refer your friends after signing up, and get 50% of whatever they win in addition to getting free lottery tickets every time they play.


Participate in the Golden Ticket contest. Wager BTC on the HI-LO dice game, bet on your favorite events and collect Golden Tickets. A provably fair lottery draw will pick out the lucky winner of a Lamborghini.


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

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Only the most relevant and proven news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Dear users and partners!

�� We are rushing to inform you about the successful integration of the ThreeFold token (on Stellar’s blockchain) to the BTC-Alpha platform.

TFT is the token of the new internet, the medium of exchange – represents a unit of reservation of capacity on the TF Grid. The token wasn’t created through an ICO/IEO but exclusively through farming (ThreeFold’s equivalent of mining).

The ThreeFold token is already available for trading via this link ☑️

BTC-Alpha launched its own blog on crypto & fintech. Learn more.

BTC-Alpha launched its blog!\nLearn about the crypto industry, fintech and cool cases from Alpha Stories ��

As you know, BTC-Alpha has been in the industry since 2020 ��\nDuring this time, we have accumulated a large number of projects, partners and knowledge that we want to share with you.\nAnd how much cool stuff is yet to come! ��

So what will you find on the Alpha Stories pages?\n ▪️ Under the heading Trading School – guides, life hacks and “in simple words about complex” materials that will illuminate your path in crypto trading ☝️\n ▫️ Stories – a section created to charge you with enthusiasm, faith in yourself and your business ⚡️\n ▪️ We will also weekly inform you about the events that shocked the crypto industry ��\n ▫️ And of course, you will learn about the products, services and contests on BTC-Alpha and how you can get the most out of them ��\n

\n P.S .: If you find your project interesting and want to share your experience and expertise, we will be happy to tell about you in Alpha Stories ��

TFT migrates to the Stellar Blockchain and will be live on BTC-Alpha soon. Learn more.

Looks like you haven’t heard from the ThreeFold project for a while? Here is some hot news!

First of all, at the end of April ThreeFold released version 2 of the ThreeFold Grid and the Beta version of their peer-to-peer cloud. It allows any application that runs on Linux to run on the ThreeFold Grid and is fully compatible with industry standards like Docker, Kubernetes, Minio and more.

�� This goes hand-in-hand with the migration of the ThreeFold Token (TFT) to the Stellar Blockchain. ThreeFold Token holders can now benefit from the vivid payment ecosystem that Stellar provides.

TFT is the token of the new internet, the medium of exchange – represents a unit of reservation of capacity on the TF Grid. The token wasn’t created through an ICO/IEO but exclusively through farming (ThreeFold’s equivalent of mining).

�� And we are more than glad to announce that the ThreeFold Token (TFT) will be back live on BTC-Alpha starting on June 1. Stay tuned on our news channels.

By the way, recently ThreeFold has partnered with SelfKey, TomoChain, DigiByte, WaykiChain.\n�� And while the ThreeFold team is getting ready for the re-integration and gaining the new goals, check out their recent interview with Ivan on Tech that covers the project well ��

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Find out what is interesting about the new coin LRG

Welcome the new asset: Largo Coin (LRG) is now available for trading on BTC-Alpha

What is interesting about LRG❓\n
▫️ Real use-cases:\n
Largo Coin is called the next-generation tool in global trade to create trust between the buyers and sellers.\n
▫️ Decentralized system:\n
LRG infrastructure and protocol are not controlled by a single authority.\n
▫️ Reliable PoS architecture:\n
allows you to make instant payments with almost zero fees.

Trade LRG on BTC-Alpha

The pair has been added for more convenient trading on the platform

PZM_USDT is now available on BTC-Alpha

Recently, we have received many requests from the Prizm (PZM) project community to expand the trading pairs.

Today we have added the PZM_USDT trading pair for more convenient trading.\nThe new pair is already available for trading here.

P.S .: Remember to share the good news with the rest of the community.

The news from the WTP project: SWAP of Web Token Pay

�� We bring to your attention the news from the Web Token Pay project. In view of the swap to its own blockchain, the project team initiated a token swap.

WTP becomes WEC – Web Coin Pay \nFor a full-scale implementation of a startup, you need your own blockchain.\nThe swap procedure will provide users with fast, free and secure transactions on the WEC network.

Please note that the BTC-Alpha exchange does not support this swap

How can holders make an exchange?\n
Holders can exchange WTP tokens to WEC cryptocurrency on the swap site.\nThe WTP token will be supported on the above-mentioned site until January 1, 2023.\nThe BTC-Alpha exchange will support the WTP blockchain until July 26, 2020.

WEC cryptocurrency is already available on

BTC-Alpha service Informs you of the fee change to Perfect Money.

Dear users and partners!

��BTC-Alpha service Informs you of the fee change to Perfect Money. Starting from 26.05.2020 deposit fee on the BTC-Alpha was reduced to 3.58%.

The new limits on the withdrawal of the Prizm coins on BTC-Alpha are set from 05.25.2020

We are informing you about the change of withdrawal limits on Prizm (PZM) at the request of the community.\nThe exchange administration decided to increase the withdrawal limit to 100,000 PZM coins per 1 transaction.\nChanges take effect from the date of publication of this news in our official channels of communication.\n
We draw your attention to the fact that the daily limits remain the same. For unverified users – the amount is no more than 5000 USDT in equivalent per day. For users who have completed the full KYC procedure – there are no daily restrictions on withdrawing funds.\n
BTC-Alpha Administration

We pay for your content: everyone will receive $10 for a video guide and get a chance to win in the final prize drawing!

$10 for your content and cool prizes in the final drawing ��

We recently launched transfers on BTC-Alpha, and now we are announcing a contest. For a video review of the new service, you will receive $10 at your account – and here is what you need to do.\nTo get started, check out our simple and intuitive guide on how Transfers between users work. You can focus on the example of this video when creating your own material for the contest.

Transfers on BTC-Alpha: How it works

How to get $10 to the account

1️⃣ Take a step-by-step video instruction and show how you transfer funds to another BTC-Alpha user (video duration – at least 1 minute)

2️⃣ Upload your video to the YouTube channel and collect 50+ views

3️⃣ Repost it to your page on VK / Facebook (where you have at least 50 friends)

4️⃣ Confirm your participation in the Google form and our admin using Transfers will send you $10 for fulfilling the conditions of the contest\n

\n ✔️ You will also automatically become a participant in the drawing of cool prizes at the end of the contest.

What prizes can be won in the finals ❔\n 1st place \”Best Video\” – $100 to the winner’s account on BTC-Alpha\n 2nd place – $50 to the winner’s account on BTC-Alpha\n 3rd place – Coupon for -75% on the trading fee for a month

The winners will be selected by the exchange’s administration live on YouTube and Instagram. The date and time of the final drawing will be announced on the official pages of BTC-Alpha in social networks.

Participate and get guaranteed rewards!

“,”image”:””,”keywords”:”btc-alpha, contest, airdrop, btc alfa, $100 contest, get your bonus, get reward, crypto contest, free crypto, transfers on btc-alpha”,”views”:5152>,<"id":237,"slug":"important-news-from-the-agrolot-project","date":1589379652.172801,"title":"Important news from the Agrolot project","short_text":"

Important news from the Agrolot project

Dear users!

We bring to your attention the news from the Agrolot project. According to the team, Agrolot is approaching the next stage of its development. Given this, the project team initiated the token’s swap.\nPlease note that the BTC-Alpha exchange does not support this swap.

How can holders make an exchange?

The exchange of old tokens for new ones will take place on the Agrolot platform. The exchange period is 30 days, from 12/05/2020 to 06/11/2020 inclusive, the exchange will be performed with a ratio of 10:1 (10 old tokens for 1 new one).

To make an exchange, you need to register on, pass the KYC, deposit old tokens through the wallet tab and, following the instructions in your account, make an exchange.\nToday, at the request of the Agrolot team at BTC-Alpha, the old token was renamed into AGLTOLD and a new sample Agrolot token was integrated.\nBTC-Alpha will stop servicing the AGLTOLD token 10.06.2020 11:00 AM UTC.

A new unique opportunity: today the BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchange integrated the functionality that many traders asked about. Send crypto instantly and without fees – using Transfers!

Just transfer it: send cryptocurrency easily on BTC-Alpha

A new unique opportunity: today the BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchange integrated the functionality that many traders asked about. Now users of the trading platform can send assets between accounts through transfers. Transactions will be carried out instantly and, initially, without any fees.

What are transfers?\n Transfers are a secure move of assets between traders within the exchange, which can be compared with the principles of bank transfers. The key difference between the internal transfer is that the transaction is processed immediately. Internal transfers are the product of the BTC-Alpha exchange’s development, an analogue of which you will not find on other trading platforms at the moment.

What are the benefits of internal transfers?

\n Instant \n When transferring, there is no need to wait for\n confirmation of the operation on the blockchain. \n \n \n No fees \n To celebrate the launch — during the first month\n you can send transfers with 0 % commission! \n \n \n Safe \n Send funds directly to the users of the exchange\n and put a security code for additional protection. \n \nHow to make a transfer?\n — Go to the Transfers tab in your account\n — Choose the currency of your interest\n — Enter the transfer amount you are going to send\n — Enter the UID of the recipient to whom you are going to send funds\n — Optionally, add a security code/activation period and/or a note to the transfer\n — Click «Create Transfer»

Please note: when sending a transfer with a security code, you need to save the code for sharing yourself. Why is that? For security reasons, the BTC-Alpha exchange does not store security codes and does not display them in the transfers’ history.

How to get a transfer?\n — If you were sent a transfer without a security code, your balance will be replenished automatically. You will be notified of this via the email address provided during account registration.\n — When receiving a transfer with a security code, go to the «Transfers» tab, in the transfers’ history, click the «Accept» button, enter the security code (the sender must send it to you through any convenient communication channel), click the «Receive» button — the transfer will be completed, and your balance will be replenished.

Please note: if the transfer is not accepted by the recipient before the activation period indicated by the sender or the security code was entered more than 10 times incorrectly, the funds will be returned to the sender.

How to cancel a transfer?\n — Transfers without a security code and activation period are completed instantly and cannot be cancelled. Accordingly, you cannot return funds to the balance after sending. That is why we recommend that you carefully check the data before sending an instant transfer.\n — If a security code has been set: the sender can cancel the transfer after the expiration of the activation period by the recipient or if the recipient has entered the wrong security code more than 10 times. In this case, to cancel the transfer, you need to go to the history of transfers and click the «Cancel» button.

Transfers are currently implemented only on BTC-Alpha and are extremely popular functionality among traders. If you have ideas on how to make this tool even more convenient — write to us about it in the community in Telegram. We will be glad to any feedback and we will answer everyone!

Did not find the information you are interested in regarding transfers? You can send a request for specialist assistance on the Support page or via [email protected]

“,”image”:””,”keywords”:”btc-alpha, btc alpha, btc alfa, send crypto, transfers, cryptocurrency transfer, cryptonews, how to send crypto, how to transfer assets, cryptocurrency exchange”,”views”:2096>,<"id":235,"slug":"important-news-from-the-becaz-project","date":1588861629.417894,"title":"Important news from the Becaz project","short_text":"

Some changes happened with Becaz token’s pairs

Dear users!\n
We are informing you that the BCZ/BTC pair has been disabled by the decision of the Becaz project administration.\n
The BCZ/USDT pair is still available for trading.\n
BTC-Alpha Exchange

Helix was created as a result of Superior coin SWAP. Helix is a premium privacy centric cryptocurrency.

Welcome Helix – a new coin on BTC-Alpha

Helix is a premium privacy centric cryptocurrency.

What is interesting about Helix?

Helix was created in 2020, and later the Superior coin team joined the project. Superior coin has been recently swapped into Helix. \nThe coin is based on the product of Satoshi Nakamoto, but improved with strong additional features. The Helix team has set its maximum block sizes to 2 MB. By doing so, Helix will be able to handle a higher transaction volume than Bitcoin ⚡️\nThe project believes in empowering individuals by creating a strong community. This allows people to do business without the compromise of being subject to surveillance by centralized or legal institutions ��

Helix is accessible for everyone ���� It’s very easy to install and use right away. This is crucial as other cryptocurrencies rarely provide this ease of use. By helping every individual with a highly personal approach, the project aims to create a successful community in which everyone can participate.

As for the holders of the Superior coin on BTC-Alpha, the Helix project administration promises to conduct a new coin airdrop for them soon at the swap rate in the equivalent of 100 Superior = 1 Helix.

We inform you that on 30.04.2020 at 03:00 PM UTC trading, deposits and withdrawals of Superior coin will be disabled.

News from the Superior coin project

�� We inform you that on 30.04.2020 at 03:00 PM UTC trading, deposits and withdrawals of Superior coin will be disabled.\nSuperior coin administration will perform swap and rebranding in Helix.\n
BTC-Alpha exchange does not support this swap.

How can holders exchange coins?\n
To exchange their coins, Superior coin holders need to withdraw their coins to the kryptonia wallet, where the exchange will be made automatically.\n
You can also withdraw your coins to mobile wallets.\n
As for the holders of the Superior coin on BTC-Alpha, the Helix project administration promises to conduct a new coin airdrop for them soon at the swap rate in the equivalent of 100 Superior = 1 Helix.

BTC-Alpha Administration

We are informing you about technical updates ongoing in TFT’s network

We inform you that due to technical updates, ThreeFold Token (TFT) deposits are temporarily unavailable.\n
As soon as the maintenance is completed, we will notify you in the official communication channels.\n
Abour TFT:\n
TFT is a decentralised digital currency. It represents a unit of reservation of autonomous Internet capacity (compute, storage) on the ThreeFold Grid. TFTs are generated only when capacity is added to the TF Grid, and are supported by a tangible underlying economy of autonomous and decentralised Internet infrastructure and services called the ThreeFold Network.\n
BTC-Alpha team

Now everyone can try their hand at trading without risk on the BTC-Alpha exchange. In honour of the launch of the demo trade, we distribute BTCd and USDTd to each user!

Demo Trading on BTC-Alpha

This is an opportunity to trade for free using virtual cryptocurrency pairs and learn how to correctly interpret market signals. For beginners, this is the first serious step to trading and making money, and for experienced users, the opportunity to test new hypotheses and additional development.

Everyone can become a cryptocurrency trader

The user can start his journey with demo trading with virtual cryptocurrency pairs Bitcoin-demo (BTCd), Tether-demo (USDTd), Ethereum-demo (ETHd) and Litecoin-demo (LTCd) on BTC-Alpha. In the demo trading mode, real exchange quotes are displayed, but trading is carried out through a virtual account. Such functionality will help you learn to trade without the risk of losing funds on bad deals.

How many crypto bonuses you can get


  • For registration, the user receives the first bonuses on his virtual account: 1 Bitcoin-demo and 10,000 USDT-demo. \n
  • Having made a deposit on the main account in the amount of $ 10 or more, the trader will receive 1 Bitcoin-demo into a virtual account for demo trading. \n
  • For sharing the page about demo trading in social networks – the user will receive an additional 10,000 USDTd to the demo account. \n
  • For a story about demo trading on BTC-Alpha in a YouTube video, the amount of the reward depends solely on the video’s views:\n— 500 USDTd and 0.1 BTCd for 50+ views\n— 1000 USDTd and 0.2 BTCd for 100+ views\n— 10000 USDTd and 2 BTCd for 1000+ views \n
  • For placing an avatar with the BTC-Alpha logo on social networks, the trader will receive 1 Bitcoin-demo. \n
  • For posts on forums about the news and benefits of the exchange – get 10,000 USDTd. \n


Upgrade your trading skills, test new hypotheses without real losses and learn to earn with BTC-Alpha.\nLearn more

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The Revain project team is constantly working on upgrading the token and expanding the capabilities. One such step was to change the smart contract.

The Revain project team is constantly working on upgrading the token and expanding the capabilities.\nOne such step was to change the smart contract.

We inform you about the successful completion of the work on changing the smart contract of the Revain token.\nIn view of this, tokens on our platform were automatically exchanged while maintaining user balances ��

The old version of tokens will no longer be valid. Also, during the technical maintenance, the token’s ticker was changed — R became REV (Revain).

Informing you that deposits and withdrawals of Revain are temporarily unavailable

We inform you that deposits and withdrawals of R Token (Revain) are temporarily unavailable due to a change in the coin’s smart contract. As soon as the smart contract is updated, the coin will return to stable operating mode.\nTrades of the coin does not stop at this moment.

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