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Commodity Robot is an expert advisor with modules for online trading of Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper, Palladium, Bitcoin, and Coffee.

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Consumer Reviews

Yup, August and September sucked. It’s doing good again now in October. up close to 30% so far this month. Those were the only two bad months since started.

The trades are matching for most part but I missed a couple October Gold trades because of my VPS. That’s not the CR’s fault. I do wish it was placing sell trades in August, would have been great. Well, long term is what counts and if you account was blown then you are trading too big of lots.

2020-07-31 5Star I am very excited about the long term passive income from the CR. It’s so nice and stress free not having to place SL and TP watching and managing trades. Just overseeing the action and making sure your VPS is running smoothly. So make sure you have an extremely reliable VPS!

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2020-06-21 5Star I am using this software and so far very happy with it, hey. the proof is all recorded live and if you use FX Choice like they are your trades match almost always except if a trade did not go through on your end because of slippage or the like. that is just the way MT4 works.

Here is my review of the Commodity Robot:

Brand New Commodity Robot Released With Fully Verified Proof Of Constantly Updated Live Trading Accounts!
This fully Automated Multicommodity Earning Robot Trades: Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper, Palladium, Bitcoin and Coffee.

Anyone interested in automated trading (Expert Advisors “EA’s”) of any type needs to read this Now.

This 100% automated tool is 7 times better than any forex “EA” in existence and it’s not anything to do with Binary Options. If you have been around a while you know the problem with the constant rehashing of Forex EA’s (Robots) and false promises of Binary Trading Software. The way it works regarding Binary Options is the marketer makes money by giving you so called free software but to use it you have to open an account with the recommended broker so they make affiliate commissions every time you trade. That might be okay if the majority of trades were actually profitable but unfortunately they are not. Regarding Forex EA’s it goes like this: Robot Released –> Low Price –> Hype = Robot Fails Miserably After Days.

So now we have the exciting never been done before “Fully Automated Multicommodity Earning Robot”.
I would like to make all traders aware of this amazing and extremely lucrative software before all licenses are gone. The developers are very serious about limiting the copies sold. At this writing there are not many left so you must act fast.

Okay, I know you see hype but I see great things ahead with this bot. This may even be the best trading system in the world!

Commodity Robot

Name Commodity Robot
Platform MetaTrader
Developer Other
Price 999 $
– ProfitF BONUS:

What is Commodity Robot?

The Commodity Robot is one of the best trading robot for gold, silver, oil, palladium, coffee, bitcoin and many other. If you want to make stable profits at the stock market, this is your perfect chance! Did you know that at the stock market, you can earn much more than at the forex market . If you have never tried to trade commodity, we believe that this robot, will help you!

How does it work?

You can trade whatever stocks you want with the different modules of this awesome robot! The creators of this software said that Coffee Module made REAL MONEY $ 100,000 Account to over $ 192,000 in one year. This is awesome result! The Gold module will give you special 89% accurate Gold Indicator gift for you! The Gold Module of Commodity Robot uses Moving Average, the Ichimoku Cloud Filter (very strong), Relative Strength Index indicator and MACD. This is the best indicators for trading! The Oil Module has over 3,500 lines of programing code and it is one of the most profitable parts of the package. The Oil movements at the market never stop and you can make money every working day! It is the fully automated commodity software that trades those commodities.

Commodity Robot does not make orders often, but it depends is there any signals at the market and what is the opportunities to earn maximum profit. This software is for intra-day trading activity.

How much gains you can make?

It depends is there good signals at the market, is there volatility at the market. Average, with all seven trading modules of the robot, you will get close to 60% of clear profit per month.

What you must to do to start making profits?

All you have to do is to purchase this robot and just install it on your platform(MT4 or other) . Then it will start automatically trades for you and will bring you permanent gains in long term !

Commodity Code EA

Commodity Code EA (Expert Advisor)

The Commodity Code – another name of this software – “A.M.B.E.R” – NEW Automated expert advisor that trade Gold,Silver and Oil.
The Commodity Code robot uses its built-in Money Management System, which will set the trading lot size according to your current deposit size.

TRADE GOLD, SILVER and OIL not for Forex

No activation needed and can be used on live and demo accounts for MT4.
Works the same as $2000 except at reduced price.
The Expert Advisor does make money consistenly and is very low risk,
it is one that I have running continuously,
it is a very good EA.

EA contain 3 modules –

Gold, Oil and Silver Trading Modules

CommodityCode – A.M.B.E.R. Oil Module
Taking a REAL MONEY $100,000 Account to over $173,000 in a couple of months. ccount to over $173,000 in a couple of months.

CommodityCode – A.M.B.E.R. Silver Module
Responsible for trading a $100,000 REAL MONEY Account to over $297,000! Highly Secure. Over 190% in true, tangible wealth!

CommodityCode – A.M.B.E.R. Gold Module
The absolute rockstar of the group with a real gain of over 570%. Again, we put real money on the line ($100,000) and have been rewarded with $670,000.

What Will You Receive After Purchase

  1. Commodity Code EA (3 X EX4 Files)
  2. Commodity Code EA User Manual (PDF File)
  3. Commodity Code Libraries (2 X DLL Files)

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