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IQ Option for Windows PC

The important point is that operations on entering and withdrawing funds will be conducted through the official website for greater security. The application is created only for trading operations, that is, it’s just a terminal and your work platform. The IQ Option program is designed for computers working on operating systems Windows, Windows 10 and others.

In addition, you can find a file for the IQ Option download for laptop. Downloading the main file with the application, you need to check the data for IQ Option software download for PC to match the boot and installation files.

The procedure of IQ Option download

The procedure of IQ Option download for PC is free, from clicking the “Download” button to trading. We offer you detailed instructions for IQ Option download for Windows:

  1. First, go to the official website of the IQ Option. On the main page, in the center of the screen you will see two buttons: “Trade in the browser” and “Download IQ Option Windows”. Then click “Download”, after that, the automatic download would start, and the site will direct you to the page with instructions for further actions. Also, you can use direct links to download the application to your OS.
  2. After downloading, the application would be installed. Open the downloaded file, click the “Next” button, and after you select the installation location, continue the downloading.
  3. After the installation would be completed, click “Finish”, and if you do not want to open the platform now check the application launcher. Soon you will be able to start trading. To do this, run the installed application and enter the login. Now you can start trading or training.

The app of the trading platform IQ Option is not differ from the browser version and you should learn the indicators that are here. However, if you have a slow Internet or a weak computer, use the application, and it will be better to close browser. IQ Option download for Widows 10 does not have many differences from the installation on other versions of this OS. You can download the application on the laptop, there is not much difference too – it all depends on the type of operating system.

You need to follow the instructions and look at the suggested options during the installation process. IQ Option for PC is a great way to quickly log in and trade so that you do not waste time logging into the browser and downloading the official site. The icon of the application will be on your desk and you will be able to work at any time.

Trading Software

The most convenient software for gainful trading

Did you have a situation when you use several graphs, but there is only one screen? You need to open it all here, how to be? The solution was not long in coming – Emscripten technology, which allows you to transfer various complex codes to simple applications on the site. It is very convenient, and you can get it in the trading terminal IQ Option.

You can download the IQ Option app and trade directly from your device.

The ability to read a very old story

History is saved for the movements of each trader.

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This is important for his development on the trading platform and for the analysis of his transactions, which had his strong and weak sides. Now users of the brokerage system IQ Option can see the history not only for the last week or month, but also read quotes for the last year. New software allows you to read the story even for the last two years.

All information for the last month is now displayed

Now traders can use candlestick analysis easier.

The period for their creation has become shorter and faster – it can be from 5 seconds to a month. The trader selects the necessary time scale, which is needed for the current transaction.

New indicators have also been added for technical analysis

The analysis has become more professional, so it is more convenient for the trader.

New software allows you to have new types of indicators, including Awesome Oscillator, Parabolic Sar, as well as MACD and Stochastic Oscillator. IQ Option 4.0 – it is a convenience and more features.

Fibonacci lines tool

Many traders use the most popular tools – this is resistance and support lines.

These are the best tools for trading stocks. But the new software allows you to use Fibonacci lines for this as well. This helps the user of the trading platform to make more exact forecast, as well as to obtain data on the correction of shares.

The redesigned bar chart

It is used for long-term transactions.

New software makes histograms smaller than diagrams. But this allows the trader to give the same information that he receives from the candlesticks. Each bar displays the price for opening a trade, different minima and maxima, periods of time, as well as the price when closing the underlying asset.

New software runs faster on Mac and Windows

New software is an application that the trader downloads and installs on his desktop.

The program is adapted for Mac and Windows, and the functionality of this application would not depend on the performance of your working device.

Installer of iq option software

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