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The Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal
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An automated, secure and easy to use trading terminal designed exclusively for bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders

Visual Trading

Clean layouts, a simple user experience and beautiful visualizations mean managing your trades has never been easier. Interactive charts, drag and drop orders and time aligned news feeds are just some of the cool features you will find in margin ’s advanced GUI.

Designed to remove emotion from trading decisions, our intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to customize and automate your trading strategies. Not only will our bots help you develop a more structured approach to your trades, they’ll help you make money while you sleep.


We take your security very seriously. That’s why we only store a hashed quarter of your API key pair on our servers. What’s more, all your orders are routed directly to the exchanges and do not pass through our servers, giving you extra peace of mind.

Trading bot in the test – best bitcoin trading bot?



User friendliness




  • Currently the best user interface
  • 10% discount with coupon possible
  • German company
  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • Excellent support (partly in real time)
  • Not the cheapest trading bot
  • Software needs to be downloaded (no cloud)

A trading bot can be an interesting source of income as it has the potential to generate a positive return even as prices fall and even in the bear market. That’s why trading bots are one of the most interesting ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. A very interesting and lucrative Bitcoin Trading Bot is that of It is a very promising bot that is worth a look. In the following we take a closer look at the crypto trading bot of margin.

margin: One of the best known Bitcoin trading bots in the test

➤ The company margin is very transparent, on their website you can see all employees by name, so you know who exactly is behind it, unfortunately this is not the case with all providers of trading bots ✔️

margin is also a German company based in Bielefeld ✔️

➤ has thoroughly tested the Trading Bot ➡️ The Trading Bot is not only reputable, it is also unique in some details ✔️

Why “margin“?

Some of you may still know the margin trading bot under the name leonArdo. This was then renamed margin. As a leonArdo, the trading bot was already known as a solid platform. With the rebranding, this bot was again optimized for the best. On average, margin updates the bot every 4 weeks, with many new things being added or improved. It seems to be very important to margin what the users think about the bot and what innovations they want, so the margin team feels immeasurably mostly interacting via the forum . In addition, almost all users can communicate live via Telegram with the CEO or the margin team. Obviously, users are very important to this company.

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The Bitcoin Trading Bot is operated with the greatest effort and care, which is why BTC-ECHO, the largest German crypto news site, reported about it. BTC-ECHO sees as number 1 of the bots that you should definitely know. (Read here )

What is possible with this Bitcoin Trading Bot?

How the bot in our test has cut off, you’ll learn below, but first we look at the numbers and facts. In fact, margin supports most exchanges (17 in number), which is the highest of all known trading bots. The bot has all the usual indicators.

As trading strategies are available to choose from: EMA Crossover Strategy, Bollinger Band Strategy, Static Ping Pong, margin maker, NEW: Scale Trading Strategy also NEW: Python Strategy.

In addition, many other settings are possible on top. For example, you can add Reddit in the sidebar, or view RSS feeds (you’ll be tagged in the chart with up-to-date messages, so you can respond quickly to price changes). Many more possibilities are of course possible.

Here you can find an english manual, how to connect margin with the Exchange and get started right away:

Step by step instructions

    First you log in to the website of marginrespectively create an account. You need to download the software.

Then you go to your Exchange (for example Binance ) and go there to the API settings

Create an API key there (All options except Withdraw must be selected)

Then there is usually a 2-factor authentication

You will now receive a confirmation email (to confirm the link must be clicked in the email)

On the webside of the Exchange will be displayed the “API Key” and the “API key secret”. A part of the “API key secret” must be marked, just over half of the key is sufficient. Now switch back to the website of margin and go to Exchanges and there under “Add exchange / API key” -> Click and then select the right Exchange in our example Binance. Insert the highlighted part of the “API key secret”.

Now open the downloaded program margin and select the Exchange. So in our example again Binance. Select “Real markets”. Finally copy the complete “API key” as well as the complete “API key secret” and paste it there to connect.

That’s it, now you can start and trade

What’s the price?

At margin you get a lifetime license (currently with 50% discount), which means you pay once and can use the bot for your entire life. You have 3 packages to choose from, as you can see in the following picture:

So the packages differ in the number of exchanges and API’s per Exchange. At the moment it is probably worth the standard package for $ 259. In addition, starting at this middle package you get practically the full possibilities. Only the multiple APIs per Exchange are only possible from the Pro version for 2999 $.

How is the price compared to other bots?

Comparing the prices is relatively difficult, because the trading bots offer partly different options and attitudes, in addition some companies offer the bots for a monthly fee and others offer a lifetime license.

The cheapest package what you currently pay monthly for a trading bot is probably about $ 25/month. Assuming you use the bot for about a year, that would cost $ 300. This would put the margin Trading Bot not only with its cheapest option for $ 129 but also with the middle variant for $ 259. But if you know from the outset that you only use the bot for a few months, then you probably will be better off with a monthly subscription.

If you are not sure about margin, you can also test the demo version for the time being. Unlike many other companies, margin offers its full demo unlimited. tests margin

First of all, we are fascinated by the presentation and the visual presentation. As mentioned above, margin from the UI is miles ahead of other bots. But this is about what the Trading Bot really does. The technical analysis can be carried out ideally, alternatively, this is also possible on We looked at more than 50 coins and analyzed. Sounds like a lot of work, is also certainly, but if you have the basics on it first, the analysis is quite fast and you can estimate a probability for the further course. Important: You will not always be right in your decisions, but it is sufficient if you are often right as wrong. This is commonplace in crypto or stock trading. If you are already 60% correct and 40% wrong, you are pretty good.

In our test, we used the standard package for $ 259.

Results of the 4-week test

We mostly used margin’s static ping pong strategy in our review. In addition, some trades were executed manually. When setting up the trading bot you will be shown the expected net return directly. First we ran the bot for a week (about 8 hours a day) and the result was a daily return of just under 0.78%. Not so bad, who knows the topic knows that 1% return per day is already considerable.

Our strategy

We mainly tried the static ping pong strategy and the new scale trading bot (very interesting!) In our test. In addition, some trades were carried out manually. When you set up the trading bot, you can see the expected net return. First we ran the bot for a week (about 8 hours a day) and the result was a daily return of just under 0.78%. Not too bad, if you are familiar with the subject, you know that a 1% return a day is already remarkable.

UPDATE: During the time of the megacrash at Bitcoin in early March, our bot achieved a return of 0.15% daily. Significantly less than before, but we’re thrilled that the return is positive at a time when Bitcoin is losing 40%.

Mainly traded coins: DASH, QTUM, Algorand, Chilli, IOST, Komodo, Ravencoin, Ethereum.

0.78% return sounds like too little return?

Suppose you invest $ 1000 and then do so, for example 1% daily. Then you would have at the end of the year due to the compound interest whopping $ 37.783,43. That’s amazing! Not to mention what you could get out of it, you should create a higher return per day than 1%. But it is questionable whether it is possible to keep such a return constant over months or perhaps years. In theory, there is enormous potential in trading.

About us

We wanted a trading terminal that was powerful, but easy to use. After failing to find anything suitable, we built it ourselves from scratch.

Meet the team

Jonathan Maycock

Co-founder and CEO

Jonathan worked as a software developer at Scottish Equitable International before returning to academia to complete a PhD in Wave Optics. Afterwards he set up and ran the Manual Intelligence Lab at CITEC in Bielefeld University for over 8 years. It took bitcoin to entice him back to finance.

Christof Elbrechter

Co-founder and CTO

Before moving to the cryptocurrency space, Christof worked for 11 years in the Neuroinformatics Group at Bielefeld University. With a focus on robotics, computer vision and machine learning he made contributions to the domain of robotic manipulation of paper during his PhD, led the Computer Vision Group and created the open source computer vision library ICL.

Irène Binder

Irène started her career in banking and then joined the Henkel Group where she held several positions in Finance including Treasury and Controlling in East Europe to become the European Controller for the Institutional Business. She was CFO and member of the board of Semaia Pharmaceuticals, a Biotech Start-Up. Irène is a graduate from University of Geneva in Economics and European Studies.

Christian Leichsenring

Senior software developer

Christian did a Masters degree in computer science and a PhD on novel communication channels and adaptive user interfaces. He then spent a while in academia, helping to build a new home automation and personal robotics lab before heeding the call of the blockchain.

Thoren Huppke

Senior software developer

After studying mathematics in his Bachelor degree, Thoren finished his Masters degree in Intelligent Systems in 2020 and joined the margin team directly. Although relatively new to the crypto-space he is very excited about it and enthusiastic about the team and the product.

Sarah Drapalski

Customer Success and Communications Manager

Sarah has always been focused on individual experience from her previous background in teaching. She is a graduate of Mars Hill University in North Carolina and holds a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. She recently moved to Germany where she was eager to join the growing startup culture in Bielefeld.

Abhishek Saini

Abhishek worked as system engineer at Elitecore technologies in India before returning to study in the Intelligent Systems Masters Program at Bielefeld University. To help finance his studies he jumped at the opportunity to join margin where he helps to deliver world class support to our customers.

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