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Pt Forex

Have you watched the U tube video about BBMA. ? This is the basis of Akims trading. If you have not then go watch it. Then watch it again and again until you really understand the .

Can imagine the frustration you are going through.. however start small.. use small lot sizes.. remember dont focus on big profit or small.. focus on winning trades and minimizing .

sorry but i agree with tenpix.. you said that you have to grow this account at all cost with daily profit target.. trust me that is gonna put tremendous pressure on you, not to .

omg.. i wanted to stop posting, but your post is plainly speechless. start smallllllllll. start smallllllllll. start .

Please don’t take offence but. the last 2 sentences of your post spell out that you have very very little chance to succeed at this time. Spend the next 6 months of so learning .

This year�s been a real grind for Luckin Coffee LK, +10.73% investors. At one point, Lone Capital held $367 million in stock to lead all hedge funds covered by Insider Monkey. .


The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to increase its coronavirus crisis asset-purchase program at this week�s meeting, amid fears of falling inflation and the steepest .

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Finding good news in the loss of another 3 million jobs isn�t easy, but the steep drop in private payrolls for May could be a sign that the worst over. ADP reported Wednesday that .

It has been a really interesting day for US data with some clear positive surprises, although we have to remember the numbers merely suggest the rate of deterioration in the .

I had your viewpoint for several years, but woke up one morning realizing people are being paid to work every second of every day to destroy my country. So, I decided to take a .

It’s so obviously a class war disguised as a race war. Leftist extremists seizing upon a period of economic hardship and vulnerability of the system to try and instigate conflict .

show me proof of this. show me a list of links where your garbage is censored while conservative voices are not. it’s quite the opposite and FF knows it because I’ve showed the .

Please realize if the officer is still alive for his trial it will come out that he had a personal vendetta against Floyd and this has nothing to do with how 99.99% of whites feel .

Now, stop trying to destroy America and try to fix your country before you try to ‘fix’ mine. You know, like not either purposefully or accidentally leaking viruses that killed .

Pt Forex

Observe que também temos um site dedicado da UE. Ao clicar em Continuar, você reconhece as informações abaixo.

Proteções que irá continuar a ter

Melhor execução

Mantemos o nosso compromisso de agir de maneira honesta, justa e nos melhores interesses de todos os nossos clientes, a fim de oferecer a melhor execução possível.

Contas segregadas

Os seus fundos continuarão a ser mantidos numa conta segregada em todos os momentos.

Proteção de saldo

Continuaremos a proteger sua conta de ter saldo negativo.

Compensação e seguro melhorado

Apólice de seguro, que cobre perdas em caso de insolvência, superior a USD 10.000, protegendo o capital de todos os clientes em até USD 1.000.000.

Que proteções vai prescindir?

Restrição de alavancagem

Não estará protegido pelos limites de alavancagem da FCA para CFDs.

Restrição de incentivos

Não estará protegido pelas restrições da FCA em oferecer benefícios monetários e não monetários a investidores de retalho e podemos oferecer incentivos para negociar CFDs com a ActivTrades.

Aviso de risco prescrito

Não seremos obrigados a fornecer-lhe um aviso de risco padronizado, conforme prescrito pela FCA, incluindo a percentagem de clientes que perdem dinheiro a negociar com a ActivTrades Corp.

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