Scion Forex Autotrader, Seputar Forex scalping

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Scion Forex Autotrader, Seputar Forex scalping

Why We’re The Best!

Scion Forex account management service provides the most accurate forex trades and is guaranteed to grow your account. With our sophisticated AutoTrader EA, you can load it on your Metatrader platform and leave it running. Profits will be made on your account without you even needing to sit at your PC. You can enjoy your life while we manage your account!

Autotrader/Trade Copier

Trades will be automatically executed on your platform for maximum convenience.

Military Grade Programming

Our high-level programmers have implemented the best military grade engineering in our Autotrading Trade Copier.

Bank Level Security

Scion Forex ensures ultra strong security with your trades. Activity will be hidden from brokers and hackers.

Easy To Setup

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Setting up our AutoTrader/trade copier on your chart is very easy and takes less than 10 seconds to load on your chart.

Sophisticated And High Tech

Our software is state of the art. We have built-in Desktop System Tray Sound alerts and much more in our Autotrader/trade copier interface.

Excellent Customer Support

Scion Forex has employed specially trained staff to assist you in all aspects. We have forex traders and I.T experts available to help.

What You’ll Receive?

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Our Forex Robot Interface Is Loaded With Many Features.

Much more than a regular expert advisor. A full forex solution that can’t get any better!

Automatically Executes Trades

Monitors Markets 24/7

Integrated Money Management

Uses TP, SL, Trailing Stop/Trailing Profit.

Able To trade Several Pairs In One Instance

Optimized By Default

Auto Installer (installs in seconds)

World-Class Support Team

Works For Standard, Mini & Micro Accounts

Can Be Used On Any PC

Works With Live Or Demo Accounts

Ideal For Newbies, No Experience Required

Optimized For Stability And Security

Backed By Certified Traders

Sound Alerts To Keep You Notified

Updates For Life. FREE

Our Forex Robot Dominates

We will manage your account with our forex Autotrader/Trade Copier. Load the forex robot, and let it run. Watch your balance grow!

Start Making Pips In Forex With Our Service

Get Your Copy Of The Scion Forex Autotrader/Trade Copier

Why People Love Scion Forex Robot

We Have Been Approached And Partnered With The Top Forex Companies Including.

Who We Are And What We Offer ?

Scion Forex is an AutoTrader/trade copier as well as signals service that fully manages a forex traders account. Our forex robot EA is guaranteed to grow your account. Our state of the art autotrader comes with its own app that includes popup sounds and much more. All trades will be logged and saved for future use. We use military grade software engineering and bank-level security with our software.

It took years of hard work and dedication to developing this forex trading AutoTrader service that is officially the best you will ever find.

All you need to do is load our EA on your chart and leave your Metatrader platform running. We will do everything else and profits will be made on your account!

Why Use An Autotrader/Trade Copier Service?

The answer is very simple as to why you should use an AutoTrader/trade copier service. Everything is done for you! And that means everything . All you need to do is load the Scion Forex Autotrader robot on your Metatrader 4 chart and it will automatically trade your account. You can see your account grow for yourself within the privacy of your own PC. You do not need to share your MT4 login details with us. Everything is done from our end and is reflected on your platform. Scion Forex has been in the forex business for many years and we have invested a lot in hiring the best programmers to build this interface. The trades taken by our forex robot are specially calculated and analyzed by the best forex traders in the world. Your account will be in great hands. We guarantee that!

Scion Forex Autotrader, Seputar Forex scalping

Hello Dear Trader,

You are about to see the one and only forex package you will ever need to make profits in your trading! And this is a serious and no-joke fact.

The Scion Forex Autotrader 2 is a powerful and accurate forex robot that automatically executes trades on your platform. As a FREE BONUS, we have included a desktop application which will provide alert popups each time a trade gets executed. This way it can be used for forex signals too.

There is so much more about this amazing forex package that we look forward to telling you.

We spent years building the Scion Forex Autotrader 2 and it took effort from only the best high level programmers and traders worldwide

Here are some of the key features that the Scion Forex Autotrader 2 will offer you. How often do you see such brilliance?

Here is what these mean in detail.

Autotrader/Trade Copier: Trades will get executed on your platform automatically for maximum convenience.

Military Grade Programming: The Scion Forex programming team has implemented the greatest “military grade” engineering in this system.

Bank Level Security: Ultra strong security is ensured on your trades. Activity will be hidden from brokers and hackers.

Easy To Setup: Setting up the autotrader/Trade Copier takes less than 10 seconds and is VERY easy. An Auto installer is included so that the entire system is setup in just ONE click.

Sophisticated And High Tech: Our software is top of the line. Along with the Autotrader/Trade Copier interface, we provide built-in desktop system tray sound alerts.

Excellent Customer Support: We at Scion Forex have employed specially trained staff to assist you in all aspects. We have forex traders and I.T specialist to assist you.

Automatically Executes Trades

We are affordable and we will bring you RESULTS! You can sit back, relax and let our forex robot manage your account.

Scion Forex originally was a forex signals service provider and we had been providing accurate forex signals to traders. We had then decided that we wanted to take our service to the next level and provide an entire forex suite that provides forex signals and auto trades them. You would be surprised to know how many forex traders have waited for this moment. Over the years we had been getting several e-mails daily for this release. The Scion Forex Autotrader is a very wanted product and it can be all yours today.

The Scion Forex AutoTrader Robot has the ability to execute trades based on over 98 different algorithms that we have built into it for working in today’s forex market. The forex robot will pick the best one based on market conditions and price action!

This is what it looks like.

100% real based on between 5-13 years or performance!

QUESTION Who is Scion Forex??
ANSWER We are a Forex Account Management company. We started out as a Web/Windows based signal provider. Due to the high demand of traders who asked us to manage their accounts, we now operate an Account Management Service. Click to read full description about Scion Forex. Click to read full description about Scion Forex
QUESTION How much profit can I make with the Scion Forex AutoTrader??
ANSWER You can expect between 30 to 300 pips per week, or more. Our robot has a large number of conditions that need to be met before it makes a trade. Some days there might not be a trade – designed to protect your account. Patience is key with this system.
QUESTION Which time frames will the robot trade on my account??
ANSWER The Scion Forex AutoTrader will trade on the M1, M5, M15, M30 and H1. You will get an alert displaying which time frame a trade was found.
QUESTION How much money do I have to start out with?
ANSWER You can start out with ANY amount. The Scion Forex AutoTrader will automatically detect your current balance and preset the appropriate volume(lot size) for the account.
QUESTION Can my broker see the robot and trade against me??
ANSWER No! Our robot is specially protected. Your broker can never see the robot or know its logic, which means they cannot trade against you based on what the robot is doing.
QUESTION I am a new to forex; can I still use this robot??
ANSWER Yes, absolutely! All you need to do is leave your MT4 platform running – the robot will manage everything for you.
QUESTION Can I run the robot on a VPS??
ANSWER Yes you can. Actually if you don’t want to keep your PC running 24/7, a VPS is a great idea.
QUESTION How easy is the forex robot/system to install?
ANSWER VERY EASY. It takes less than a second to install. It comes with it’s own installer which will automatically install on your MT4 platforms(s).
QUESTION How many Pips will I make each month??
ANSWER The amount that it will make will depend on market conditions. There are times it has made over 300 pips in one day. Some days there won’t be trades which is normal. Each day will differ.

Know This. we at Scion Forex have former bank traders on our team. Some of these individuals of ours were offered over $900K USD per year to trade for the bank but we decided to trade by ourselves instead and provide YOU the best forex robot and forex solution that you will ever find!

A Dream Come True Indeed

I was looking for something like this for years. I find forex time consuming for my lifestyle so when I found the Scion Forex Autotrader, I was very surprised to see how well it actually performed without me having to do anything!

I leave it running and sometimes wake up with 20 to 50+ pips or more in my account. Highly recommended to all traders.

Brian Kingsley

Best EA To Manage Your Account

Hello everyone. I have been trading forex and Indian stocks for 8 years. I have also coded several expert advisors. From experience I will tell you today, this is the BEST automated robot I have ever used. I am running it on my laptop so that I can leave it on 24/7 and the results are very good. I am very happy I spent the rupees that are well worth it. Thanks!

Ameer Kapoor

Fantastic! A Real Profit Building Robot!

I have been using this robot for several months and my forex balance has increased steadily while I am at work or even watching TV. Scion Forex is a very honest and respectable forex company. I love their support and will continue to use them for lifetime. I’m very honored to use them.

Carl Tong

I Enjoy My Life Now Thanks To Scion Forex Autotrader.

My name is Tiffany and I am a work at home single mom and I needed an income. I decided to try the Scion Forex Autotrader so that I can have more fun in my life and not worry about money. To my surprise, this EA WORKS AWSOME. I continue to make profits in my account. I funded my live account and attached the robot and it automatically detected the best settings based on my balance. The staff team at Scion Forex is professional and friendly. These guys deserve a ton of credit for what they have provided us traders!

Tiffany Walkers

As a member you will have all benefits and all features that are mentioned on this page PLUS when there are updates/upgrades available, they will be provided to you FREE OF CHARGE!
Yes, I want the Scion Forex Autotrader to start making me pips!
Yes, I want to make money on AUTOPILOT so I can enjoy my life!
Yes, I want the FREE alert app to notify me when trades get taken!

Scion Forex Autotrader robot/system is by far the best and most complete profit building solution for your forex account. Everything is done for you and we even included a desktop notification app that will alert you each time a trade gets executed.

Millions of traders around the world have been waiting for this moment. History is made with the release of this most wanted forex robot!

You will thank us for this.

Do not wait any longer. START TODAY!!

Use This Package To Make The Money You Deserve!
We Guarantee 100% Quality!
We guarantee you that when you purchase this ULTIMATE Scion Forex Autrotrader forex robot + alert app, you will receive TOP quality. We take passion in providing the best in the forex industry and you will see it when you use our system. You will have 7 days to request a refund if you are experiencing technical problems, you will receive a prompt refund no questions asked.

Once again, you will receive ALL upgrades FREE with your subscription!!

Such a thing comes once in a LIFETIME!

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P. S: Y ou have no idea how amazing this package is. We have been in business for years and know what is out there. You will not find anything remotely close to this amazing forex robot/system that is fully automated and provides desktop alerts!

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